Welcome to my small homepage!

My name is Alex Kuzmin.

Currently I’m working as a Thermal Software (sometimes CFD) Developer at Maya Heat Transfer Technologies located in Montreal. Previously I was a PostDoctoral fellow at the University of Alberta working on the Lattice Boltzmann Method briefly outlined in Research. As well I was doing some consulting projects, mainly simulations of liquid-liquid-solid systems for Fortune 500 companies. If you have some ideas and want to collaborate with me you are more than welcome – just drop me email at shurik.kuzmin@gmail.com.

Sometimes I am doing some internet projects on the side, to mention Solvers Market and DataAdviser. Me and my friends are constantly in the search of bringing some useful ideas to the world.

If you are interested to hire me or ask to provide consulting services, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile which is not updated often but will suffice to give a preliminary information about me.